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Check ECU error codes Most (but not all) problems are automatically detected and flagged by the car's stock ECU by lighting the Check Engine Light (CEL).

This document shows you how to check for codes and what they mean

Change the Cambelt on an ST205 The majority of cars run a cambelt which requires routine replacement

This document shows you how to change a cambelt on an ST205

Replace the fuel pump You may find that you need to change the stock fuel pump or you may wish to fit an up-rated fuel pump

This document shows you how the fuel pump is changed

Adjust the handbrake There are a number of reasons why you may need to adjust your handbrake.

This document shows you how the handbrake can be adjusted.

Install an oil cooler on an ST205 Some Members have replaced the stock ST205 oil cooler with an aftermarket, up-rated oil cooler.

This document shows change an oil cooler on the ST205

Fit a Harness How to fit a 3 point harness into an ST205
Spray Bar How to fit a Spray Bar for the ST205 Charge cooler radiator
Change Rear Brake Disks How to change the rear brake disks

The pictures are from an ST205 but the procedure is the same for all the GT4s

Cure code 54 post FMIC install on ST205 How to cure the pesky code 54 on an ST205 following installation of a Front Mount Intercooler



Fit clear indicator lenses to the ST205 The ST205 front indicator orange lenses can be replaced.

This document shows you how to replace the orange lenses with clear ones.

Remove the front bumper on an ST205 Removal of the bumper allows access to the gearbox oil cooler etc

This document shows you how to remove the front bumper on your ST205

Rear Diff Mount Rebuild You may find that your rear differential mount starts to perish resulting a 'knock' or 'thump' when you change gear.

This document shows you how to rebuild your existing diff mount.

Projector Headlights Fit Projector headlights to an ST205
165 Windows Maintain and replace the front electric windows
Make and fit a Din Blanking Panel Make and fit a Din blanking panel for an ST165
Check ABS Error codes How to check for ABS error codes