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** This article has pictures from the ST205 but the procedure is the same for all the GT4s **


This article is intended as a helpful guide and shows how I adjusted the handbrake. If you are in any doubt, or not qualified, do not undertake this maintenance, consult a qualified mechanic. The handbrake is a critical vehicle component, failure to adjust this in accordance with the relevant manufacturers and/or procedures and/or instructions can lead to severe damage or injury. The author or the GT4 Drivers Club can not be held responsible for any loss or damage resulting from use of this article.


When working on a car always use the appropriate safety equipment, chock the wheels to prevent the vehicle from moving. When working underneath a raised vehicle always use axle stands.

Why do I need to adjust the handbrake?

There are a number of reasons why you may wish to adjust your hand brake. These could include (but are not limited to):



  Using a jack, raise the rear of the car off the floor. I would strongly recommend the use of axle stands under the car and wheel chocks on the front wheels to ensure your safety should the car move or jack fail. Note that it is advisable to have both rear wheels clear of the floor...
Remove both of the rear wheels and pull the little rubber grommet out of each of the handbrake adjustment holes on both of the rear brake disks

Release the handbrake lever within the cockpit to turn the handbrake off and retract the shoes away from the brake disk

  With the handbrake released turn one of the disks so that the adjustment hole is aligned at the bottom of the disk to gain access to the handbrake adjuster
Using a flat head screwdriver turn the cog of the handbrake adjuster - note here that the rear disk has been removed to aid clarity - the disk does NOT need to be removed to adjust the handbrake!

The stock direction is to turn the cog upwards to take up excess slack, but the adjuster can be fitted either way around so you may have to trial which way takes up the slack on your car...

You are aiming to get the wheel to easily turn by hand but the handbrake to ever so slightly catch/bind

Repeat for the other side of the car and then test your handbrake from within the cockpit

Note - you are aiming for 4 to 7 clicks on your handbrake lever within the cockpit

Tip - adjust so that the handbrake is fully on and the wheel does not turn, and then slacken off the adjuster by approx 4 turns and then verify the wheel easily turns and you can just hear the handbrake shoes catching

  Once you are satisfied with the handbrake adjustment, replace the rubber grommets and wheels ensuring that you torque the wheel bolts to 103Nm
  Take the car for a drive and verify that the handbrake is not dragging, if it is then you have adjusted the handbrake too tight


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