Submitted by: Darren Railton


This article is intended as a helpful guide and shows how I replaced my indicators with clear items. If you are in any doubt, or not qualified, do not undertake this maintenance, consult a qualified mechanic. The author or the GT4 Drivers Club can not be held responsible for any loss or damage resulting from use of this article.


These are the tools you will need:

  • Philips Screwdriver
  • Mini sword tool or craft knife
  • Flat blade tool / Flat end screwdriver
  Remove the indicator unit from the car using a Philips screw driver
  Using the flat blade tool (furthest on the right in the above pic) slide in-between the orange lens & the unit parting them (Note: you can use a bit of force if you warm up the unit in your hands, the black plastic then bends away from the lens)
Scrape away the black glue (more like tar!!!!) from in-between the lens & the unit, working from one end scrape to the other, going deeper into the unit with every sweep

(I found it best to work on the bottom side of the unit, you will not be able to remove the tar from the sides as the unitís black plastic will not bend)

To get an idea of the amount of tar & the surface size of the orange lens hereís another few pics
  When you have removed all of the tar from the bottom side, you will then be able to bend the black unit plastic back gently

Then carefully slide your flat end screw driver into the gap & lever the lens away from the unit, as you do this the tar on the back which you couldnít get to will stretch, use the second (Sword) tool to cut the tar (If you donít have the sword tool you can use a craft knife)
Working your way round, you will then be able to separate the lens from the unit fully

As you can see I only worked from the bottom end of the unit, leaving the top untouched (sort of!)

  Now bend the unitís black plastic back into its original position
Using the glue, place a small amount all of the way round the clear lens & inside the units gully
NOTE: I was only half way round the unit when I took this picture
  Fix the clear lens onto the unit & press all sides firmly
  Wipe off any excess glue & make sure the 4 catches are located back in the holes of the unit
  Fix unit back onto the car & youíre done!!!!