Below you will see some of the most shocking failures of GT-Four related parts, just imagine the pain in the wallet of of these people must have been feeling!

If you have a picture of an interesting broken/failed part we would love to feature it here - please email it to contactus@gt4dc.co.uk


Shattered Rear differential Apparently done at high speed Whilst on a trackday Extensive damage
The rear casing of the rear diff, attached to the rear diff mounting ST205 damaged turbine wheel Cracked Aussie downpipe Steel bolt / Aluminium thread and not paying attention
Slightly overdue an oil change I think Early ring land failure Oh dear, this was once an ST165 piston Running a little hot!
My piston has gone all gooey! Umm that doesn't look quite right - ST165 Block Nope there definitely shouldn't be a hole there Cambelt regularly serviced? Er, no!