We want your experience to be a good one - however this Club was started with a few things in mind so we have listed a few criteria that we would like people to keep to when considering posting within the Forum.

1 If you want to talk about engine, body, chassis, suspension, electrical, turbochargers, superchargers, rallying, drags, circuit racing, drifting etc, you are most welcome.
2 Please post coherently and in English with suitable punctuation and paragraphs, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just make it easy for people to read.
3 Avoid using 'text speak’, this is a Forum not a mobile phone.
4 Shouting (using CAPS) should be kept to a minimum as this is very tiresome to read.
5 Swearing is not tolerated under any circumstances. There are many more eloquent ways to express yourself which readers will find much more attractive.
6 Please stay on topic within a thread we do not want threads degenerating into random banter.
7 Post within the main Forum subheadings as appropriate, there is no section here for off-topic subjects like telling us about your new pet, as interesting as it may be its not GT4/car related and there are plenty of other Forums for every topic under the sun.
8 Please note that this Forum is moderated, it is NOT self-policing or a free for all. It is not to be used as a personal soapbox.
9 Failure to abide by these criteria will result in warnings and possible removal from the Forum/Club as deemed appropriate by the Moderators/Staff.
10 Accounts created by people who have not fully joined the Club and have not been regularly used are subject to deletion after a period of 2 months. Regular use is roughly defined as 2-3 posts per month.


The rules are plain and simple, please abide by them!