Black Treacle - my ST205 project/daily - now with 400bhp :D
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Author:  Treacle [ Fri Jan 11, 2013 8:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Black Treacle - my ST205 project/daily - now with 400bhp :D

Thought I would share a few details of my project with you guys. I won't run through full details of everything I've done as it will take ages, but if your on the OC you can see my project thread there.

So anyway, this all started back in August 2011 - after being let down by the seller on a high spec white RC I'd put a deposit down on I went and bought a fairly cheap ST205 on the rebound!

When i got it the car was basically stock other than a Gizmo boost controller running a sensible 0.9 bar, a panel air filter and a lagged charge cooler - so its no rocket ship, but one of the main reasons i got it was because it was original and rust free, non sunroof, non abs model and the other reason was it came with a set of almost new BC coilovers fitted and a set of spotless Work Emotion CR Kai alloys which i knew would be worth a pretty penny. The coilovers were set up pretty badly though with the rear end set far too low with far too much camber - looked like it had a pallet of bricks in the back!

There was no knocks and bangs from the suspension, no smoke at any time from the exhaust and the engine seems quiet and smooth. Overall I was very happy with the purchase, I had no real plans to do great deals of work to it, obviously those plans changed.....

So here's a few pics from the advert of how she was when I got her:


So that's how she was when I bought her - will update with what she is like now in a little bit.........

Author:  Treacle [ Fri Jan 11, 2013 9:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Black Treacle - my ST205 project/daily - now with 400bhp

So anyway jump forward some 16 months through lots of trial and tribulations, shows, trackdays and lots and lots of mods - this is how she now sits:


And this is the current (ever changing!) spec, as you can see its a little but longer than when I first got the car!

- Forged engine, has only done 4000 miles first 1000 was running in with oil changed at 5,50,500 and 1000 miles.
- JE 86.5 pistons
- Eagle forged rods
- All new shells
- Plastigauged
- HKS 1.6mm head gasket.
- ARP studs and bolts throughout
- HKS 264 cams
- Fidanza adjustable cam pullys red
- Sard 800 injectors
- 255 fuel pump
- Adjustable FPR
- NGK Platinum spark plugs
- Battery relocated to boot in custom alloy mounting cage (properly with fused connection etc)
- Blitz SUS air filter
- Stainless straight intake
- Custom Samco breather pipework
- Cusco oil catch tank
- Clocked Turbo Technics S148 turbo, has only done 4000 miles will run 1.6 bar
- Fensport uprated actuator
- JSP prototype aluminium Heat Shield over turbo hot side
- Tubular manifold (unknown brand)
- 3" De-cat downpipe (unknown brand)
- JSP Downpipe Support Bracket
- 3" Japseed exhaust, professionally modified for perfect fit
- Crossy intercooler pipework
- Samco joiners
- Mikalor clamps
- XS-Power Evo 8 uprated intercooler
- Blitz SS Super Sound dump valve with 1.6 bar spring
- Titanium weave extreme temp heat wrap to intercooler pipes within bay (manifold/dp to do)
- Mocal oil cooler mounted in front upper grill
- Thermostatic sandwich plate
- Stainless Oil pipes
- RT-Performance alloy radiator
- 12" Slimline Pacet fan

- Reconditioned ST205 gearbox
- Fidanza lightweight flywheel
- Helix 6-puk paddle clutch

- Motec M4 Pro with upgraded bosh sensor, mapped by Adrian at Fensport
- DEFI link BF gauges (boost, oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature), white illumination
- DEFI control unit 2
- DEFI digital multi gauge display unit
- Tyresure tyre pressure and temp monitor custom mounted in dash
- Kenwood single din head unit with iPod/iPhone control
- Edge street 6.5" component woofers and tweeters to front doors
- Edge street 6.5" 3-way speakers to rear quarters

- BC Coilovers, professionally set up and corner weighted, rear professionally altered to allow greater camber adjustment.
- J-Speed 3-point front strut brace
- RT-Performance 3-point rear strut brace (modified to take original end caps and brace cover fitted to look standard)
- Whiteline adjustable rear ARB with Poly bushes, set to medium
- JSP Uprated Crush Tubes

- K-Sport 8-Pot lightweight front brake calipers and brackets
- 356x32mm Grooved front rotors and alloy bells
- Bluestuff front brake pads
- Standard ST205 rear calipers
- EBC grooved rear disks
- Yellowstuff rear brake pads
- Braided brake lines front and rear
- Hi-temp racing brake fluid
- Desirable non-abs model car

- Black and white leatherette reclining bucket seats (plenty oh headroom for me at 6'2" even with helmet on)
- Cobra sliding subframes modified to suit
- RT-Performance 3-gauge pod to house Defi gauges
- Brushed aluminium instrument cluster surrounds and red needles to match Defi gauges
- Spree white LED dash bulb kit
- White colour coded centre console, customised to hold gadgets
- White TRD resin gear knob
- Black leather gator with white stitching
- Black leather armrest cover with white stitching
- Black leather door card trims with white stitching
- Deep dish drifting wheel in black leather with white stitching
- Momo steering boss

- Facelift rear lights with de-tangoed indicators
- Clear front indicators,
- Clear side repeaters,
- UK spec front number plate

Wheels, Tyres & Accesories:
- 18" x 8J x et35 Speedline Turini Flowforming lightweight track wheels
- 225/40/18 Federal FZ201 road legal track tyres
- Tyresure tyre pressure and temp sensors installed to wheels - wireless connection to monitor in car
- Lightweight internal drive wheel nuts
- 20mm Eibach hubcentric spacers to rear
- 5mm spacers to front
- light arch roll to rear

So thats how she sits, last rollered at 392bhp and 367lb/ft. I still have plenty more to come, quite a few bits and pieces sitting waiting to be fitted, and more I want to buy! Watch this space.....

Author:  NoGT4 [ Fri Jan 11, 2013 9:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Black Treacle - my ST205 project/daily - now with 400bhp

Looking good mate, hope to see it at the Exmoor meet :D

Author:  Diceman [ Fri Jan 11, 2013 10:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Black Treacle - my ST205 project/daily - now with 400bhp

- Clocked Turbo Technics S148 turbo, has only done 4000 miles will run 1.6 bar
- HKS 264 cams
- 392bhp and 367lb/ft.

That is almost text book for the S148 -

[quote] Diceman 2008
Garrett T34/T35 - This is loosely what a Turbo Technics S148 hybrid is based on. Apologies for the quality of the compressor map - I understand this was reverse engineered.
This turbo also looks like it will hold 1.7 bar to the red line and should have a maximum HP potential of circa 400bhp. The surge line is a good match for the 3sgte and it is unlikely to surge even if you ask for high boost around 3K rpm. I was very impressed with my T35 based hybrid and I had boost earlier and without any surge in comparison to my TO4E 54 trim hybrid.

It should be noted that the above compressor maps are for compressor wheel in matching compressor housing - they will not work as effectively if you try and strap them in to a CT26 housing as it is not designed for teh job.

Time to up your boost steve?

Author:  TrackToyFour [ Sat Jan 12, 2013 11:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Black Treacle - my ST205 project/daily - now with 400bhp

Lovely car and spec Treacle! Interesting to see the results you have achieved as I have most of the same parts harvested over the last few years with the idea of buidling them into a new engine for my road going JDM ST205.

You mentioned that the rear camber was wrong when you originally got the car. Did the BC coilovers have adjustable rear top mounts? The stock adjustment on the ST205 is limited to rear toe only, there's no way to change the camber unless you fit top mounts or eccentric bolts where the struts mount to the hubs (not a nice solution IMO) or convert to fully adjustable lower wishbones like I have done on my track build (this is not too difficult to do)

Author:  Treacle [ Sat Jan 12, 2013 12:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Black Treacle - my ST205 project/daily - now with 400bhp

Thanks Don :)

Yeah on the rear there is no adjustment, so the lower you go the more camber you get. In my case this has been solved by raising the rear to a more suitable height and extending one of the holes on the suspension to a slot where it meets the hub - it pivots around the other bolt to create simple but effective camber adjustment. I'm really happy with the handling set up I've got at the moment, the car feels great on road and track :D

Author:  Treacle [ Sat Jan 12, 2013 12:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Black Treacle - my ST205 project/daily - now with 400bhp

Diceman - it's Edd not Steve! But yeah the plan is to re-do the intercooler and rad using RS500 items as per the other thread to try and minimalise lag and weight, along with fitting a Caldina manifold and then turn up the boost to see what the s148 is really capable of!

In the long run I will probably trade in the hybrid for a garrett and shoot for high 400's, still undecided which one to go for though at this stage, thinking either a GTX3071r in .83 ar, or a GT3076r in .63 ar. Want to try and keep lag to a minimum (ideally the same or less than the hybrid) while pushing between 450-500bhp.

Author:  Diceman [ Sat Jan 12, 2013 4:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Black Treacle - my ST205 project/daily - now with 400bhp

Hi Edd - I Know you are Edd - I was talking to Steve who runs a S148 on forged engine & cams but at 0.9 bar ;-)

Author:  Treacle [ Wed Feb 27, 2013 9:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Black Treacle - my ST205 project/daily - now with 400bhp

Just realised I hadn't updated this in a while so here goes......

A while ago I managed to get my hands on a couple more Defi gauges at a decent price (£50 each!), water temp and oil temp. So currently have boost, oil pressure and oil temp installed in the triple RT-Performance gauge pod, the water temp will have to wait until I manage to find a matching RT-Performance single gauge pod, can anyone help?


My customized centre console was getting a bit scruffy and the fibreglass was cracking where it has been removed and refitted lots of times. I no longer needed the boost controller due to the Motec and decided I could also do away with the Defi digital display as I have enough gauges now, so I decided to take off the surround and re-do it.

I scrapped the old one and started again with another centre console as the only gadget to fit now was the Defi controller. I painted these in Halfords "Appliance White" as its brighter than the Nissan white I previously used which was quite creamy, and a couple of coats of lacquer.

I decided as I had more space in the dash now I'd invest in a new double din stereo that would link to my iPhone and also perform sat nav duties. I ended up finding a Pioneer SPH-DA02 App Radio brand new on ebay for £180 so thought I'd give that a go as it seemed great value. Its designed to use the phone apps through the head unit, so you use sat nav apps etc to add features to the radio. Also has hands free calling with a proper microphone which is useful. I have now wired it in so that the plug for the iPhone is tucked away in the centre arm rest cubby hole out of the way.


I also installed my clocks with Spree white LED light kit, brushed dial surrounds and red needles to match the Defi gauges as close as possible - looks pretty good, although I am a little disappointed they are still not as bright white as the Defi's and they still light up slightly yellowy in colour which I think must be due to the filters in the dial faces. I might see if Mook can make me some new faces that have clear/white filters and a font that matches the Defi's.


My old suede wheel was getting worse for wear and alot of the suede had worn smooth, plus it didn't really go with the colour scheme, so a few months back I bought a cheap leather deep dish wheel with white stitching off ebay. Unfortunately it says "DRIFTING" on it which is a bit *bleep* but it was cheap and looks OK with the rest of the interior. I plan to upgrade this to something a little more classy in future, would Like a Nardi deep corn.

So here is a few pics of the interior as it currently sits:


A while ago I won a new RT-Performance triangular rear brace on GT4bay for a bargain £40, have had it sitting around for ages so decided to get on and fit it. It took a little adjustment to the mounting holes with a drill to fit but seems a decent product.

I like to try and make things look like they are factory fitted if I can, so I spent some time delicately removing some of the metal from the end brackets with the angle grinder to allow the original plastic end caps to be refitted. I also re-fitted the standard leatherette strut brace cover which I stitched together underneith with small cable ties as the zip won't do up due to the triangulation of the brace. Really happy with the result it looks great, sometimes I think its really worth spending a bit more time on these things for a decent finish. Also I wasn't expecting to notice any handling difference with the new brace at all, but I swear the car feels more planted in corners.


Handling wise she feels great now, the only other item that could be upgraded would be the bushes which are still stock. I don't seem to have any faults with the stock bushes, but I expect I will fit a full polybush kit in the future to see if it will tighten the handling even more.

Also a pic of the engine currently after lagging the top intercooler pipe, I plan on doing the manifold when I can get some better clips as I cant seem to get the metal cable ties to tighten fully.


Myself and my mate Louis who has a white ST205 got a bit carried away and went all the way up to Scotland to pick this up as it was too cheap to miss considering the bits on it - the JSP promo ST205:

Image Image Image Image

The reason for buying this was simply as we both wanted various parts off it. The car won't be getting broken, it is just getting some of the parts exchanged for standard or lower spec and the stickers etc taken off, then it will be resold (so if your interested send me a PM!). The main bits I am having for mine is the C-One bumper and Eurou side skirts, among various other bits and pieces like the short shifter and shifter bushes.

Have taken the wheels and BC coilovers off and fitted both on Louis' car, also removed the front bumper and skirts and replaced with a stock white bumper. The bits are now off at my mates body shop getting sprayed up and a few adjustments before I fit to mine.

Was a nightmare getting the skirts off due to being fully bonded on, took me ages with a heat gun and scrapper to split then from the car without damage. Now the JSP car will need quite a bit of time spending on it to remove all the remaining silicone and tidy it up.


I also tried out a couple of header tanks I've picked up on the breaker to see which was better suited.

Focus RS tank:


Escort RS Turbo tank:


The Focus tank is larger and better quality, it has a rad cap type filler with overflow which I would think is preferable, also one of the standard mounting points looks like it can be used directly as shown. It does however clash with the wheel arch slightly and would ideally want the corner cutting off and re-welding to allow it to sit a little lower and maybe a bit further back. there would probably be sufficient space behind it to keep the power steering reservoir in a similar location to standard. It also has a site glass for seeing the level of fluid.

The Escort tank is a bit smaller, but the shape of it means it would sit further back by the suspension turret, as a result the power steering reservoir would nee to be relocated in front of the tank. Quality is not as nice as the focus tank but this tank would need less work to fit, only needing a second nipple welded back onto the front where it has previously been blanked off.

I also managed to pick up a cheap set of 18's in a good fitment for £200 delivered, I plan on refurbing them completely in white and loosing the exposed metal rim before fitting, but they are actually in pretty good order and I quite like them, they also seem pretty light. I have no idea what they are, something Japanese - anyone have a clue?


Lots of small bits of faffing, thats about it for now..............

Author:  Treacle [ Wed Feb 27, 2013 9:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Black Treacle - my ST205 project/daily - now with 400bhp

Was at Castle Combe on saturday for my first track day since fitting the engine and other bits - I wasn't disappointed!

I thought the day was going to go completely wrong when I turned up and the track was under thick fog and unlikely to open in a hurry, then went on to find that the car failed the 100db noise test with a reading of 102db, and that was with the standard bung fitted :(

They tested it several times and tried various things to get the noise down but nothing helped much. I really thought that was going to be the end of my day there and then, but luckily a hero came to the rescue in the form of Phil "noGT4" who lives just down the road in Chippenham. We headed back over to his place to see if we could come up with a solution, as chance would have it they had a baffled exhaust bung kicking about from Dan's car which was a perfect fit for my exhaust and also was small enough bore to fit inside the bung I already had. So I was running with not one exhaust bung installed but two. This is actually a 1.5" bung installed inside a 2.5" bung:


We headed back to the track with this and stuck it back through a sound test, amazing the difference - noise level had dropped massively to 88db! The only unfortunate thing about this is you can imaging from the size of the noise reduction just how much this was stifling performance, with all the exhaust gas now trying to escape through a mere 1.5" hole! Dont get me wrong the car was still fast and amazing fun, but lacked the feeling of urgent acceleration it normally has. Would be interested to know how much people think this would effect the BHP of the car?

Anyway after all this running about it was now past 11 in the morning, which I would have been gutted about but the track was still closed due to the fog! They let people head out for lots of siting laps behind a pace car to keep them happy, which took the edge off the boredom, can't be bothered to upload the vids but heres some screen caps of the fog:


They put on an early lunch to keep people happy, and gave a speech about how it might need to be cancelled and we would get a partial discount on another day :( But then at about 1 it suddenly cleared and the sun came out so they opened the floodgates!

I took it fairly sensibly for the first few goes as the track was slippery and while I got used to the car and learn't the track a bit more, then gradually turned up the wick. The car was absolutely awesome and just seemed to get better and better - initially I forgot to change my suspension from the road setting and as a result was suffering from quite a bit of body roll, but once I remembered to crank up the coilovers the handling became much much better. Next time I will also definitely adjust my rear anti-roll bar to the stiffest setting as well, have been meaning to do it for ages.

I found the Falken FZ-201 tyres took a lap or so to get fully up to temp, as did the K-Sport brakes and Bluestuff pads. Once they were hot though WOW, both the tyres and the brakes are absolutely exceptional. Even after a 25min session of continuos hard driving there still wasn't any sign of brake fade at all or the tyres even starting to let go! I am especially pleased with the brakes considering the pads in my rear standard callipers were almost completely dead so the front K-Sports were doing nearly all the work. Also oil temps stayed well under control and never got above 110˚ even after sustained hard driving.

As I get more used to the set up there is definitely alot more scope to stay on the power longer, brake later and harder, and then get back on the power harder and earlier. I was lapping between 1min 25s and 1min 29s pretty consistently (depending on traffic) without pushing it overly hard, but I reckon I should be able to get this down closer to 1min 20sec with practice, some better rear pads, the ARB set to hard and the bloody bung removed!

So anyway here is a vid of the old girl on track, sorry its rather long but this just shows how reliable the car is! And by the way the black and orange BMW that overtakes me is a 550bhp supercharged M3 with full touring car cage and dedicated track set up, so I'm not too embarrassed about that! I did however manage to chase down and pass a 530bhp 911 turbo :thumbsup: :D

https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=p ... PR6mBoPiMg

Needless to say I have already booked the car in at Longlife exhausts to see if they can get the sound down a little without the need for the double exhaust bung!


Author:  jgtcracer [ Wed Feb 27, 2013 9:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Black Treacle - my ST205 project/daily - now with 400bhp

looking good, think I watched the video on youtube. Was the m3 covered in daft orange bumpers and stuff?? thats interesting about the anti roll bar, I felt exactly the same with my bc coilovers on their hardest setting. I would of liked to to go the hardest setting rather than intermediate. I added about 5 clicks of softness to the front and that helped abit mind you. I was already running a couple of degrees negative camber at the front

Author:  Treacle [ Wed Feb 27, 2013 9:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Black Treacle - my ST205 project/daily - now with 400bhp

jgtcracer wrote:
looking good, think I watched the video on youtube. Was the m3 covered in daft orange bumpers and stuff?? thats interesting about the anti roll bar, I felt exactly the same with my bc coilovers on their hardest setting. I would of liked to to go the hardest setting rather than intermediate. I added about 5 clicks of softness to the front and that helped abit mind you. I was already running a couple of degrees negative camber at the front

Yeah orange bumpers and a full orange touring car cage and interior, big louvred bonnet as well - a bit over the top but actually looked like a top car.

I had the fronts set at about 7 clicks down from hard and the rears at 5 clicks down, but think I should have gone a bit harder as well as stiffening the roll bar too the max setting. I think ultimately if I'm going to do a lot of track work I might go up a stiffness rating on the springs. I also think I need to get on and fit polybushes throughout as mine are all still stock.

Author:  TrackToyFour [ Fri Mar 01, 2013 1:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Black Treacle - my ST205 project/daily - now with 400bhp

Good couple of write-ups Edd :D Nice video of some tidy laps round Combe. With those times (shhh, its an untimed trackday :wink: ) you should really stick a cage in your 205, get your MSA National B and enter the Nippon Challenge. You would be mid-grid I'm sure.

As you are fitting a C-One front bumper you might want to look at the RT Performance undertray/splitter to better manage the airflow through the rads and under the car. You might have seen one on my track toy project. Current thinking is that it is possibly a bit flimsy for track work. I believe the rule of thumb is that any splitter should be able to support the driver weight (~90kg in my case :oops: ) so I'm looking at beefing it up with an appropriately sculpted piece of marine ply or similar. This is common practice in Le Mans prototypes and GT cars where the wood is a sacrificial component.

Keep up the good work!

Author:  williamw1987 [ Fri Mar 01, 2013 12:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Black Treacle - my ST205 project/daily - now with 400bhp

Great looking car dude! Would love to take mine round a track some time. Out of curiosity, how much does a track day typically cost?

I'll probably look at getting some time with track driving instructor first.

Ta :)

Author:  Treacle [ Fri Mar 01, 2013 4:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Black Treacle - my ST205 project/daily - now with 400bhp

The day at Combe was £149 and they also offer a free half hour lesson with a driving instructor, unfortunately due to the fog there wasn't enough time to take advantage of this. Pretty much all track days have instructors to hand, although normally you have to pay for their services.

Thanks Don, I'm not so sure I would be that competitive in the Nippon challenge but thanks for the compliment! I know mixer72 has a couple of seconds a lap on me in his ST185 which is similar power, maybe a little more. But then his is also a fully stripped track car and I'm not sure if he had to restrict his exhaust to the same extent I did. We are both doing the same 2 track sessions at Japfest so I'm looking forward to having a direct comparison with his car.

I would be interested to see how much time I could shave off if my car was fully race prepared and 250-300kg lighter with a dedicated track suspension set up etc, I'm guessing this would make a fairly hefty difference to lap times. Ultimately though I have no plans to do this (at least at present), the car is still my daily driver and is a great mix of fun and comfort. If I had the money and the time I would build another one as an out and out dedicated track toy like yours. There was a fully caged rolling ST205 shell up for sale a while ago on the OC that I was tempted by, but this one costs me enough as it is!

Yeah I do plan on getting my hands on an RT-Performance front splitter in time, although I will probably take this off for daily use. The problem is they are so bloody expensive! The bumper was mounted on the JSP car with the stock under-trays bolted to it underneath which should be sufficient for airflow for the time being. I have also been looking at rear diffusers and was tempted to try and fit an RX7 one, you can pick them up for about £200 - here is a quick overlay of an RX7 picture I did to give you an idea.


Also I thought this was a surprisingly good look - complete RX7 rear end conversion (not that I'm planning on doing it!):


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